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    Although Betpawa Tanzania is well-known in Africa’s online sports betting industry, the Tanzanian version seems to be relatively new and lacks a wide range of betting options.

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    To explore BetPawa Tanzania’s offerings on, punters will be directed to a landing page showcasing an exclusive early bird special. Nevertheless, registering with the site is necessary to gain access.

    Bettors can easily create a multi-bet on the site by selecting the desired league through a clickable link in the active betting market.

    Basic Information about Betpawa

    BetPawa in Tanzania, in contrast to numerous online bookmakers, operates from Africa. Rather than targeting one country or the entire continent, BetPawa has decided to prioritize its efforts on six distinct countries.

    BetPawa app is present in multiple African countries including Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria. It is important to note that each country has its own regulations governing the operations of BetPawa’s website. In Kenya, for example, the Kenyan version of the website is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BCLB) in accordance with the Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act. Conversely, the regulatory framework for BetPawa’s operations in other countries may differ.

    BetPawa Sportsbook review

    In addition to betPawa Kenya, Gaming International (K) Limited, the parent company of BetPawa, operates similar versions of the website in five other nations, namely betPawa Uganda and betPawa Nigeria.

    In our betPawa review, find out how the online and mobile bookmaker performs as it covers a wide range of African countries. Explore more about BetPawa’s services below.

    BetPawa has become a leader in the betting market due to the influence of various factors.

    • Easy to Navigate Interface: BetPawa’s platform ensures a seamless betting experience for both novice and experienced bettors, with its user-friendly interface.
    • Attracting a diverse range of bettors, BetPawa is renowned for its low betting limit, enabling users to bet with small stakes while still enjoying the thrill of gambling without breaking the bank.
    • BetPawa TZ provides a diverse range of betting options to suit various preferences, encompassing sports betting, virtual sports, and casino games.
    • BetPawa TZ stands as a valuable option for bettors due to its competitive odds and appealing payouts.
    • BetPawa is a popular choice for users who enjoy betting on the move, as it places a strong emphasis on mobile betting. With a responsive website and a dedicated mobile app BetPawa ensures that users can easily place their bets using their smartphones or tablets.
    • BetPawa tailors its services to cater to the distinct preferences of gamblers in the local area.
    • Revolutionary Additions: The platform consistently introduces groundbreaking features like cash-out alternatives and live betting, elevating the betting experience to new heights.
    • BetPawa TZ is renowned for its dependable customer support, promptly resolving customer inquiries and concerns with reliability.
    • BetPawa places user security as its top priority by incorporating strong measures to safeguard user data and transactions.
    • BetPawa frequently provides promotions, bonuses, and loyalty programs to ensure users remain actively involved with their platform.

    It is crucial to acknowledge that the competitive environment within the betting industry has the potential to rapidly transform. The qualities that define a company as a frontrunner today may undergo modifications as time progresses. Besides, factors such as adhering to regulations, effective marketing strategies, and valuable customer feedback also significantly contribute to a company’s triumph in the betting market.

    Promotions offered by Betpawa TZ

    Betpawa online, like other well-established betting bookmakers in Tanzania, utilizes a range of promotional offers to reward and retain its loyal customers. Currently, Betpawa Tanzania offers the following promotions to its valued clientele.


    At Betpawa Tz, we provide a unique feature that allows you to experience heightened rewards on a diverse range of events. We distinguish all pawaBoosted events and matches with a lightning icon, ensuring effortless identification. The greatest benefit of Betpawa online tz is that there is no requirement for a minimum stake in order to seize this promotion.


    You have the opportunity to receive up to 3 times the Odds Multiplier on three or more selections in this scenario. To activate this promotion, you need to create a betting slip with at least three selections and a minimum total odd of 5.00. Keep in mind that there are specific terms and conditions that need to be followed before you can make use of the Odds Multiplier.

    This is your betting slip, comprising of 8 selections, with odds totaling 25.34. These odds are derived from multiplying 1.2, 1.1, 2.1, 1.45, 1.82, 1.5, 1.1, and 2.1. By selecting 8 options, you can activate an odds multiplier of x1.20, resulting in an increased total of 30.41 from the initial 25.34. The odds multiplier grows as you include more selections in your bet.

    BetPawa Sportsbook


    New members at Bet Pawa Tanzania can enjoy a generous welcome bonus of up to 250%. This attractive bonus attracts many bettors because of its low betting requirement and the possibility of high winnings. To be eligible, players need to place multi bets with a minimum of 3 selections. The potential payouts can increase up to 250% when betting on 30 legs.

    Kindly note that the win bonus will be added to your total winnings after deducting the initial stake. To illustrate, suppose your stake was Tsh 1000 and your winnings were Tsh 10000. In this case, 50% of the win bonus would amount to Tsh 4500. This is derived from the actual winnings of Tsh 9000 (after subtracting the stake), with 50% of that amount being Tsh 4500. As a result, your overall payout for this scenario would be Tsh 14500.


    By participating in the BetPawa jackpot, you have the opportunity to win substantial amounts of money with minimal bets. To enter, simply fill out the ’emPawa17′ jackpot coupon by choosing 17 teams that you believe will emerge victorious. Alternatively, you can select 13 teams for the ’emPawa13 Midweek Jackpot. When placing your jackpot bets on Betpawa Tanzania, you have two choices. You can manually pick the markets by clicking on your preferred options.

    The ‘Lucky Dip’ feature is another way to get a random coupon by clicking it. This feature is sponsored by Betpawa’s ’emPawa’ function, which aims to help emerging artists reach the global market. The emPawa17 matches are released on Sundays, while emPawa13 events are listed on Wednesdays. Predictions for the Betpawa online emPawa jackpot can be made until the start of the first match. The betting structure is similar to other standard bets, with a required deposit of Tsh. 100 to place jackpot bets. Currently, the emPawa jackpot prize at online Betpawa is valued at TZs 200,000,000. The operator reserves the right to determine the jackpot’s wagering requirements.

    Can BetPawa be trusted as a reliable betting site?

    When using an online betting site, it is important to stay cautious due to the presence of dishonest individuals who may attempt to steal your financial information or use your personal details for identity theft. However, you can be assured that betPawa online is a trustworthy platform. It holds a valid license from the Betting Control and Licensing Board and operates legally in Kenya, establishing its legitimacy as a sports betting site.

    The way in which betPawa online in Tanzania handles your data holds equal significance. While the site promises to employ adequate measures to ensure the security and protection of your information, the wording used may not instill complete confidence. Nevertheless, the guarantee that your data will not be shared with third parties, unless legally required, should offer some comfort.

    Although we have come across websites with stronger privacy policies, we do not consider this one to be a major concern. It is advisable to restrict the personal information you disclose to betPawa and utilize M-PESA for secure money transfers.

    Step-by-step guide on placing a bet

    1. Open your web browser and type in the URL:
    2. Once the betpawa page appears, simply click on the ‘login’ button.
    3. To access your account, kindly provide your number and password.
    4. Select football, for example, from the menu under the sports category.
    5. To locate the league or country you desire, access the sports menu located on the left side of the screen. Alternatively, utilize our search feature to find your preferred team.
    6. You have the option to select up to 30 choices, such as (1) representing a victory for the home team.
    7. Please enter the stake you wish to place for your bet.
    8. Please select “place bet.”

    Please be aware that if a notification stating ‘price has changed’ appears, kindly select ‘proceed’ to acknowledge the revised price and proceed with your bet. Your bet will then be processed accordingly. However, if you choose not to accept the new price, you may click to remove the current selection from your betslip and begin again.

    review BetPawa Sportsbook


    Compared to other leading bookmakers in the region, Betpawa in Tanzania provides a limited range of bonuses and promotions. They offer a welcome gift, win bonus, and odds multiplier to enhance your winnings. However, where Betpawa Tanzania truly excels is in its extensive football betting markets. They cover a wide range of tournaments, including the prestigious England Premier League, UEFA European League, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, and more. Additionally, Tanzania Betpawa offers highly competitive odds, especially for live events. The company is dedicated to establishing a secure and fair betting environment, employing innovative strategies and tools to achieve this goal.

    Betpawa offers a range of guidelines for responsible gambling, including measures to prevent underage betting, promote self-exclusion, identify gambling addiction, and more. In summary, Betpawa is an exceptional bookmaker, providing favorable terms and conditions that benefit all customers.


    Clearing your bet history on Betpawa is a simple process. Follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Betpawa account on the website.
    2. Navigate to the top right corner and click on ‘Menu.’
    3. From the drop-down list, select ‘My Bets.’
    4. You will see categories like Open, Settled, and Jackpot bets.
    5. Look for the option to clear bet history and select it.

    It’s important to note that once you clear your bet history, this action is irreversible.


    No, Betpawa tz contact does not provide a dedicated mobile app. Instead, they offer a fully optimized website that ensures a seamless experience when accessed through standard mobile browsers such as Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, or Safari. Through the mobile website, you can explore all available markets, make instant deposits and withdrawals using the provided methods.

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