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Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy โ€“ Our commitment to safeguarding your personal information

    At BettingTanzania, we highly value your privacy. That is why we have implemented a stringent Privacy Policy, which outlines the procedures we follow for collecting, utilizing, and safeguarding our users’ data.

    Topics that are covered by our Privacy Policy include:

    The information we gather includes your name, address, age, and betting records.

    We primarily utilize this information to enhance our services and cater to your needs more effectively.

    We ensure the anonymous sharing of data with third parties for research purposes, without ever engaging in the direct sale of your data.

    Your sensitive information is safeguarded by advanced security and encryption measures.

    The rights concerning your data include access, correction, deletion, and portability.

    The methods and duration of storing and preserving various data types.

    Steps to get in touch with us regarding privacy concerns and lodging formal complaints if needed.

    Hence, we kindly request you to thoroughly review our Privacy Policy to gain a comprehensive understanding of our data usage practices. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us as we are readily available to address any queries and address your concerns attentively.

    At BettingTanzania, we are dedicated to prioritizing your privacy.